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Kedma Philippines Set and Gifts Review: Stylish or Style-less?

In my teens, I didn’t buy beauty and skin care sets because I 1) wanted individual items from different collections and 2) didn’t bother checking how much I would save by buying a set (a crime, I know, but I promise I’m a changed woman). As I grew older, I learned to appreciate the sheer convenience of skincare products that come in a set. The company put together things that work better together and come at a lower price.

So, I dedicated a section of this blog to a Kedma Philippines set and gifts review. I want to know if these products provide outstanding results when used together. Even if they make for an IG-worthy vanity, they have to work better than using products from different collections. I also want to find out if they’ll make for a beautiful gift this holiday season.

What I’ll Review

I have my eyes on what I think is the most luxurious set of all the Kedma Philippines set and gifts: The Seven Wonders Signature Set. It’s on the pricier side, but if it works better than all my go-to products, why not splurge a little? The skin is worth investing in, my mom always says. The set features a Personal Wrinkle Filler, Platinum Silky Serum, Platinum Instant Firming Mask, Platinum Ultimate Cream, Facial Gold Toner, Facial Gold Mask, and a Gold Facial Peel. And they come in a sleek briefcase (I won’t lie — I love luxurious set packages).

The Kedma set and gifts also feature the Wash and Tone set, a simple yet crucial part of any skincare routine. We also have the Rinse and Shine Kit (plus points for that name!), which contains a shampoo and conditioner. I’ve set my sights on the Golden Touch Nail Kit. All those dinners I cooked are taking a toll on my nails! I’m not complaining, though — all my homecooked dishes are a labor of love. Plus, I have a great nail kit to back me up.

I also want to try the Lift Us Up set, which are infused with Dead Sea minerals. I’m still bummed that I forgot to bring home Dead Sea salts from our Israel trip, so I hope these would work well.

I still don’t have a final list of the Kedma set and gifts I’ll review. But I’ll stick to the ones that are unique and make an interesting gift.

Stylish or Stiff?

I love things that come in luxurious yet easy-to-use packaging. And I admit that these products would look lovely on the my bathroom’s marble countertops. But packaging aside, I want to know if these are worth their price tags and if they deliver the effects they promised.

Would they work on my skin? And would they make a great gift for your friend, daughter, mom, or – to my gentleman readers – wife?

I’ll share the results of my Kedma set and gifts review in the Philippines. Read my blogs to know my discoveries!