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Confession time: Frequent UV exposure, plus the pollution in the Metro, is stealing my glow. As a city girl in a tropical country, I’m often exposed to sunlight and pollution, which I know is turning my skin dull and lifeless.

I tried different products to bring back and maintain my youthful glow. My quests, however, usually don’t end well. Some products I use don’t give me lasting effects, while others trigger acne breakout.

After many failed attempts, my friends finally persuaded me to try Kedma Skin Care Philippines (the salesperson was also quite convincing!). Although its products are in a higher price range, I still gave it a go and bought the Royalty Signature Set. I believe that our skin deserves a royal treatment to stay healthy, especially with damage-causing elements looming around us.

Culprits of Skin Dull

Without proper care and protection, we put our skin at risk of damage. In my case, exposure to sunlight is the main cause of my dull skin. Sunlight emits harmful UV rays that age the skin faster and increase the appearance of wrinkles and your risk for skin cancer.

Several other factors make the skin look dull, and these include:

  • You’re aging. The natural aging process slows down the ability of the skin to renew cells, resulting in dead skin cell buildup. The buildup would eventually hide your natural skin tone, which makes your skin looks dull.
  • You’re dehydrated. UV exposure can dehydrate the skin, but a poor diet and lack of water intake can also cause this problem. After learning about this, I disciplined myself to drink more liquids, water in particular.
  • You lack sleep. Sleep also plays an important role to keep your skin glowing. If you lack sleep like I do, then you’re likely to have more wrinkles and fine lines and have darker undereye circles. Do your skin a favor and get some Zzz’s.

Skin Care Routine to Bring Back Your Youthful Glow

I’m no skincare slouch. I want to age gracefully, after all! So, when I noticed that my skin had started to look dull, I re-evaluated my skin care regimen ASAP. I found that I was not doing enough to fight the effects of UV exposure and pollution on my skin. What’s a girl to do with that knowledge? I immediately updated my skincare routine and add other essential steps, of course. To this day, this routine serves me well:

  • Cleanse your skin. I start my routine by cleansing my face. This is an important step because it removes oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells from the face. I use a facial cleanser that contains vitamin C (brightening), vitamin E (hydration), and vitamin A (anti-aging properties).
  • Remove excess dirt. I used to skip the toning step because I thought it was unnecessary. But after doing some research, the truth was revealed to me. Using a facial toner helps remove excess dirt and makes pores look smaller. Toner ingredients are also specially chosen for their ability to restore the skin’s pH balance and maintain its protective capabilities.
  • Apply serum. This step is also a recent addition, and I regret not including this in my regimen sooner. Serums have smaller molecules compared to moisturizers, so it easily penetrates the pores deep into the skin for better absorption of the active ingredients. These days, I use the Royalty Active Serum from Kedma, which contains Dead Sea minerals, pure honey, and plant extracts.
  • Rejuvenate your skin. Moisturizer is another vital part of my skincare routine. It helps the skin retain the amount of moisture it needs to stay healthy. My current moisturizer is the Royalty Firming Cream from Kedma. I apply this every morning so my skin looks and feels hydrated all day.
  • Treat your skin with a mask. I put on a mask once or twice a week to give my skin a treat. For this step, I use the Royalty Facial Sauna Mask. It has self-heating properties that help open pores and extract impurities. Like most of Kedma’s products, the mask contains Dead Sea minerals and Omega-3 to restore youth, elasticity, and softness to the skin.
  • Protect your skin from the sun. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen before you go outside in the morning. I personally use SPF 50+ PA+++ for the most protection. I prefer using a lightweight formula for a non-sticky feeling.

I repeat this process at night after removing my makeup. I also use night serums and night cream to help repair and rejuvenate my skin overnight.

How Did the Kedma Signature Royalty Set Improve my Skin?

skin care product

I’ve noticed some marked improvements in my skin since I started using my Kedma products. Despite only regularly having four to five hours of sleep, my skin still proudly shouts: “I slept 10 hours last night.” I rarely apply heavy makeup these days because I feel more confident about showing my bare face. My fine lines are also less visible, making me look younger than my years.

My friends and colleagues were surprised to see the changes in my skin, as well. They’ve even been asking me to reveal my secret. I always tell them how my Kedma collection contributes to obtaining healthy, glowing skin. And of course, I also altered my lifestyle to make my skin happy. I drink at least two litters of water every day and reduced my coffee intake. As for sleep, I try to get more whenever I can.

Kedma products are packed with Dead Sea minerals and other active ingredients, such as plant extracts, Collagen, and Omega 3. My research showed that the combination of minerals present in the Dead Sea helps improve a variety of skin conditions, including acne and inflammation.

Additionally, each product from the Royalty set is rich in essential vitamins, such as A, C, and E. This is why the collection is ideal for those, like me, who want a brighter, younger, and hydrated skin.

Purchasing these products turned out well for me. I guess what they say is true: you get what you pay for.

Final note: The products I use may not work on you as effectively as they did on me. Consult a dermatologist to evaluate the condition of your skin first. A skincare professional would recommend products more suitable for your skin.

In case you’ve tried the Kedma Royalty Collection yourself, don’t hesitate to hit me up with your thoughts. I’d love to hear about them.

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