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My oily skin, plus the stress, makes my skin prone to different problems, like acne. Believe me, gents, I’ve tried almost every anti-acne product available in the market. Although some of them worked well, “my relationship” with my zits still lasts longer than the relationships I’ve had with every girl I dated.

Getting frequent breakouts is frustrating, especially if it happens every time there’s a special occasion. It has come to a point where I feel uncomfortable facing people during a social event. Fortunately, my friends recommended the Kedma Cosmetics Facial Serum. The serum is specifically formulated to address skin problems that we, men, face.

At first, I was hesitant to get it because it costs higher than the usual products I’ve used. After reading some positive reviews online, I thought it could be worth a shot, but at the same time, I was hoping to get the result I paid for.

A Serum Packed with Dead Sea Minerals and More

One of the things that caught my interest in Kedma Cosmetics is that its products contain minerals from the lowest sea level on earth – the Dead Sea. Located in Israel, this lake is famous for its healing powers. The minerals from the lake are therapeutic for a variety of skin conditions, including acne, psoriasis, and skin impurities. It also promises to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

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Apart from the Dead Sea’s healing abilities, the Kedma Cosmetics Facial Serum for men also has anti-oxidant Vitamins A and E that help protect skin from dirt and pollution. Since I’m living in the Metro, this product can recharge my tired-looking skin, which is exposed to the daily dirt in the city.

The facial serum has Ammonium Lactate, which keeps the skin moisturized all day. Most of the cleansers I’ve used leave my skin too dry after every wash. So I’m hoping that this serum can bring back the moisture it needs.

It also contains plant extracts, like chamomile, that calm the skin after shaving. In my case, I manage my facial hair by shaving at least twice a month. Shaving regularly can be bad for the skin, so this calming benefit is a plus point for me.

My Journey for a Healthier Skin

After doing some research about the product, I went to a Kedma store. I bought not only the facial serum, but also the aftershave balm to give my skin extra protection.

The bottle comes in a sturdy unit carton with the brand’s logo and other product details printed on it. I like that the brown bottle has a gold cap as it gives the serum a luxurious look. Meanwhile, the aftershave balm is available in a 150g tube container.

How I used the facial serum:

My regular skin care routine begins with washing my face, using a cleanser that has a mild, non-irritating formulation. Using a soap-free cleanser prevents skin irritation, which causes my skin problems.

After washing my face, I use a toner to remove excess dirt from my face. Then I apply a pearl-sized amount of the Kedma Cosmetic Facial Serum to my fingertips and smooth the product evenly on my face. Unlike other facial moisturizers, this serum feels light on my skin and it doesn’t feel greasy, which I like the most about the product.

I use the serum in the morning before I go to work and in the evening before I sleep. The brand explains that the minerals from the serum help the skin renew itself while at rest.

On days when I shave my facial hair, I use the aftershave balm. This has Vitamins A and E that fight dehydration and premature skin aging. It also contains Vitamin F, which is beneficial for renewing skin cells, leaving my skin smooth and supple throughout the day.

The aftershave balm is ideal for soothing razor burns and itchiness caused by shaving, as well.

I simply massage the product on my face and neck.

The Result (Drum roll, Please)

I have been using the serum for over a month already. I’m surprised to see some improvements to my skin. My skin feels smoother and more energized than before. But my face still gets oily at the end of the day, especially when the weather is humid.

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Although acne still appears on my face, the breakouts have somehow decreased when I started using this product. It also helps clear my acne scars, making my face’s skin tone more even.

When it comes to reducing fine lines and wrinkles, I can’t really tell if it helps. Maybe because I don’t have visible fine lines and wrinkles yet. Despite that, using this product further could help me prevent those unwanted lines from appearing soon.

I’m happy that I didn’t get any allergic reaction from using the serum. I have used similar products before, and they didn’t react well with my skin type.

For the aftershave balm, it also gave me amazing results even if I used it only twice a month. However, it feels heavier compared to the serum.

My Final Verdict

In general, I give Kedma Cosmetic Facial Serum for men 4 out of 5 stars.

The product delivered great results on my skin, which makes every peso spent well. It helps me fight my acne problems and brightens my skin, too. I’m becoming more confident facing other people again because I don’t have too many zits.

I also feel that my skin is healthier and smoother now, something I’m really glad about using this product. I only hope it would also reduce the oiliness of my skin.

For the aftershave balm, I haven’t used it long enough to give my final verdict. I’ll probably use it more in the future to see how it will improve my skin.

The serum was an excellent product, so I’m definitely adding it to my grooming arsenal. I recommend this product to all the guys who experience the same skin problem as I do. This could be “the one” you’ve been looking for — in skin care, I mean.

I’m looking forward to trying other products from Kedma Cosmetics Philippines.

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