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Kedma Philippines Basic Collections Review: Basic or Brilliant?

If there’s one beauty advice my mom has always told me, it’s that clean skin is beautiful skin. So, a healthy skin care routine starts with the bathing products you use.

That’s why I created a section for a Kedma Philippines basic collections review. These products are the backbone of any skincare routine; they’re the ones I’ll be using every day. Plus, if these products work, there’s a huge chance that the after-bath products would work better. I have a clean, healthy base that would absorb creams better.

In case you really don’t have the time for toners and serums (which shouldn’t be the case — always make time for your skin), you can rest assured that your basic skincare products are enough to give you beautiful skin.

Kedma Philippines Basic Collections Review: Basic or Brilliant?

The Kedma Basic Collections has everything I need for bathing, and I’m probably going to test them all out. We have the Black Mud Shampoo, which supposedly relieves itchiness and dryness and nourishes the hair roots. The Balsam Conditioner contains Dead Sea minerals that moisturize the hair.

The line has four types of soaps: the Salt Soap restores the skin’s balance; the Black Mud Soap treats problematic skin; the Anti-Cellulite Massage Soap reduces cellulite; and the Acne Soap dries up pimples.

Which one am I trying first? Well, I’m setting my sights on the Anti-Cellulite soap — a little addition to my workout never hurt.

Soaps can’t remove all the impurities of the skin, though. So, I’ll also review the after-bath products in the Kedma Philippines Basic Collections. We have salt scrubs (one of my bath favorites) as well as foot and hand scrubs. We also have the mineral hair mask, which supposedly strengthens the hair and keeps it shiny.

I won’t stop at the bath prducts — I’ll also test the toners, mud mask, creams, cleansers, boy butters, and serums. I’ll incorporate them into a single, fluid routine to test their effects. I’m particulary excited to try the body butter from the Kedma Basic Collections. I haven’t found a body butter that works for my skin but I have high hopes for Kedma. Fingers crossed!

Basic or Brilliant?

The products look promising, and they are too interesting not to try out. And many of my friends attest to the effectiveness of Kedma. Some even want to replace their tried-and-tested products with those from the collection.

But their skin types are different from mine. I go out in the sun a lot and, admittedly, I don’t get enough sleep. My to-do list is always full. So, I need products that are easy to use but meet the needs of an on-the-go mom.

Will the Kedma Philippines Basic Collections do the job? Find out in my reviews!

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