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chemistry lab toolsHyaluronic Acid. Sounds like something straight out of our old-school chemistry labs, amirite?


It sounds scary but, apparently, it’s the key to plump, healthy, and moisturized skin.

Korean beauty and skin care enthusiasts have been raving about the benefits of hyaluronic acid for ages. I was planning to buy and try one for myself when a gift from the heavens a.k.a. the Hyaluronic Signature Gift Set from Kedma Cosmetics Philippines landed on my lap (thank you crazy rich titas from the Middle East).

So, instead of trying out just one hyaluronic skin care product, I got to try four. Fasten your seatbelts, guys and gals — this is gonna be one long review.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is basically a miracle worker for dull, dry, and uneven skin. It has the incredible ability to hydrate your skin and lock in moisture. It also has great anti-aging properties. Products that contain hyaluronic acid or its derivative sodium hyaluronate help your skin stay hydrated throughout the day. With hydrated and plump skin, fine lines and wrinkles are less apparent on the face.

Kedma Cosmetics and Its Hyaluronic Signature Gift Set

I’ve never tried any product from Kedma Skincare before, but its reputation precedes it. All the review sites I’ve seen so far sing praises for the brand. One even claims that its ingredients are perfect for achieving that youthful, glowing skin Filipinas want.

Kedma’s luxurious hyaluronic collection includes four products: the Facial Restoring Mask, Personal Wrinkle Filler, Elixir++ Hydrating Day Serum, and the Elixir+ Nourishing Night Serum. The products come in travel-friendly packaging. You don’t have to sacrifice your skincare routine when traveling with these Kedma products.

Premium Price for Premium Products

Let’s start with the price because ohmygod. I’ve always been more of a budget-friendly-skincare-enthusiast. Thanks to Kedma Cosmetics products, I now know how much of a difference there is between drugstore products and premium-priced ones. (Hint: IT’S A LOT).

The high price tag of each Kedma Skincare product is all worth it though. At a couple hundred dollars per item in its Hyaluronic Collection, you really get the quality you paid for.

Everything from the fancy Kedma gift box to the packaging of every product screams “high-end.” The box is sturdy and made of real wood. The day and night serums are encased in clear glass bottles with golden caps while the Personal Wrinkle Filler comes in a cute, gold injection pen. You’ll really feel like you’re getting the VIP treatment when you use these products.

Facial Restoring Mask

Fresh out of its little square package, Kedma Philippines’ Facial Restoring Mask feels like any other facial sheet mask. The slits fit well over my eyes, nose, and mouth, which is always a plus. I didn’t have to cut into the eye holes to avoid getting the product in my eyes. The mask covered my face well, with only some tucking required along my jaw and chin.

The texture of the mask was smooth, which is great for anyone with touch-sensitive skin. I didn’t detect any scent, either. The serum has a fairly dense consistency. The facial masks were quite drippy, though. On the one hand, it’s good since it means each sheet mask is really soaked in the serum. On the other hand, I dripped a lot of the serum on my table — not something that I wanted to do, as each package contains only 20 grams of product.

The Results

hydrated skinThe Kedma Facial Restoring Mask’s cocktail of Ein Gedi spring water, collagen, and centella asiatica leaf and ginkgo biloba leaf extracts are really effective. The serum is visibly hydrated my skin and is very, very moisturizing. Expect intense and intense moisturization, people.

When I used one before going to sleep, it made my skin smooth, soft, and bouncy.

And I know it’s because of the mask because I applied it without putting anything else on my face. It also helped reduce the morning blotchiness I get from time to time.

I’m pretty sure the mask helped me hide the effects of all my late nights and stress, too!

Personal Wrinkle Filler

Before anything else, I have to admit I only used the wrinkle filler once. It seemed pretty effective but then again, I don’t really have a lot of wrinkles yet (hooray for my young-ish twenty-something skin!). I ended up giving the product to my mom.

The Kedma personal wrinkle filler contains Dead Sea minerals, grape seed oil, primrose oil, and shea butter.

The Results

My mom LOVED it. She won’t stop praising it. She’s mostly saving it up for special occasions but can’t help using it when she says she feels her age (late 50s) and needs a little self-esteem boost. And it’s not just her wrinkles that improved with the product. It also helped firm up her skin. The wrinkle filler made it look smoother and younger.

Elixir++ Hydrating Day Serum and Elixir+ Nourishing Night Serum

Both the day and night serum from the Kedma Hyaluronic Collection have a short list of ingredients. Which is good! Short and sweet ingredients lists mean the products have fewer fillers and fancy sounding but ultimately useless (perhaps even harmful!) additions. Those with sensitive skin will love these products as there is a pretty low risk of them having an adverse reaction from use.

The main ingredients of the serums, or the ones at the very top of the list, are water and sodium hyaluronate. You know you’re getting your money’s worth of hyaluronic acid with these two products alone.

The Elixir++ Hydrating Day Serum also contains vitamins A and E. The Elixir+ Nourishing Night Serum, meanwhile, contains vitamin C.

Both serums have a thick but smooth consistency. I felt little difference between the day and night serums, despite its different ingredients.

The Results

When spread over my face, the day and night serums feel hydrating and comforting. Both products felt absolutely wonderful when I put it on. Also, the hydrating feeling lasts for quite a long time. Once my skin absorbed the product, it felt supple, soft, and resilient. I couldn’t stop touching and patting my face after using the products for the first few times.

Neither of the two serums brightened my skin, even the night serum with its addition of vitamin C. Both, however, eased my skin’s dryness, helped calm some of the irritation, and made my face feel pampered and healthy.

The Hydrating Day Serum and Nourishing Night Serum softened my skin without making me feel oily. The light and non-greasy formulation of both Kedma serums make it perfect for any skin type, especially those with oily but dehydrated skin. You’ll get the moisture you need without the extra shine.

My Final Thoughts

I give the entire Kedma Hyaluronic Collection a rating of 4 out of 5. It’s not at holy grail-levels, but all the products do deliver on its promises. If I had to choose only one product out of the four, I’d go with the facial recovery mask. The hydrating and nourishing serums were great, yes, but there were times when I found myself wishing they were more moisturizing.

Overall, I still enjoyed each product and find myself reaching for it each day. Highly recommended! Good job, Kedma!

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