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When you hear the words “Dead Sea,” images of people effortlessly floating in the highly-saline seawater likely come to mind.

It’s true that the Dead Sea, which isn’t an actual sea but a lake, is known for its hypersaline waters. Located at the lowest point of the Earth, this body of water bordering Jordan and Israel has an extremely high concentration of salt. The water is denser than average, as a result, making it easy for people to float in it.

Apart from salt, though, the Dead Sea has high concentrations of other minerals, infusing its waters and the mud of its shores a myriad of health benefits. The most obvious application of these benefits is, of course, for your skin.

This is why products with Dead Sea minerals, just like Kedma Cosmetics’ basic Bath & Spa collection, are popular among those who want to experience the benefits of the Dead Sea but do not have the time or budget to go there.

Below, we’ll teach you how to incorporate products with Dead Sea minerals as a part of Kedma’s skincare in the Philippines. This way, you don’t have to go spas in the Dead Sea to get the benefits of such treatments.

Step 1: Cleanse Your Face

Skincare products work best on clean skin, so you must wash your face so that it’s free from grime and oil before applying any product. You may opt to use Kedma’s deep-cleansing milk cleanser with Dead Sea minerals and plant extracts as a gentle but effective solution to removing all skin impurities.

Step 2: Exfoliate

While our milk cleanser does the job of removing the dirt on your skin’s surface, you still need to exfoliate. Proper occasional exfoliation using Kedma’s Exfoliating Facial Mask removes dead skin cells from your face, leaving fresh, new cells behind. These cells are more open to receiving moisturizing products that can penetrate deeper into your skin, making them more effective.

With ingredients such as jojoba oil and chamomile extracts, together with Dead Sea minerals, the Exfoliating Face Mask helps to rejuvenate your skin, making way for a fairer complexion. Use this product once or twice a week and you’ll achieve softer and silkier skin in no time.

Step 3: Apply a Mud Mask

Here’s where it starts to feel like you’re actually in a spa somewhere near the Dead Sea. Kedma Cosmetics has two Dead Sea Mud Masks to choose from. One is our Purifying Mud Mask and the other is the Active Mud Mask.

Both of these are formulated with black mud from the Dead Sea, beeswax, and aromatic essential oils such as lavender and avocado extracts. These ingredients work together to accelerate cell renewal, revitalizing your skin and softening your pores. The addition of pro-vitamin B5 and Vitamin E help soothe the skin and lock in its moisture.

You may apply Kedma’s Active or Purifying Mud Mask at least once a week, leaving it on your face for 10 to 15 minutes. With continuous use, you’ll see the benefits of the Dead Sea mud mask on your skin, including smaller pores, fewer wrinkles, and diminished fine lines.

Step 4: Treat the Rest of Your Body

skin salt

While most skincare routines and products focus on your face, Kedma’s Dead Sea bath & spa collection is different. We want you to rejuvenate the skin on the rest of your body as well. You can start doing this by using our Dead Sea Salt Scrub, which comes in four varieties—vanilla, lemongrass, kiwi-mango, and peach & honey. All variants of the Dead Sea Salt Scrub combine the power of Dead Sea minerals with natural oils.

You may apply your choice of salt scrub onto your body in the middle of the third step, while waiting for your mask to dry. Get in the shower and wet your body with warm water. The water temperature helps heighten the spa-like feel by relaxing your muscles and helping you breathe easier.

Once you’re all warm and soaked, scoop up a portion of the salt scrub onto your fingers, then gently rub it onto your body in a circular motion. The salt scrub gently exfoliates the top layer of your skin, removing dead skin cells and making your skin clearer and softer. Once you’re satisfied, rinse your body with warm water.

By pampering yourself with Kedma’s Dead Sea Salt Scrub once or twice a week, you’ll enjoy softer and suppler skin.

Step 5: Scrub Your Feet

When we say for you to treat the rest of your body, we mean it. Kedma Cosmetics has a foot scrub that contains a mixture of Dead Sea minerals, natural oils, and crushed apricot pits. These ingredients moisturize and soften scaled, cracked, and dry skin on your feet.

To get its benefits, apply a generous amount of the scrub onto your feet. Use the stone attached at the end of the tube to gently massage the area. This stone also enables you to remove dry skin from your feet while increasing blood circulation. Afterward, your feet will look and feel like they’ve been professionally massaged at the spa.

Step 6: Apply the Mud Mask to the Rest of Your Body

After scrubbing your body clean, apply Kedma’s Dead Sea Black Mud Body Wrap all over your body and relax. This product is much like the Dead Sea Black Mud Mask, but for your body.

A thick layer of this mud wrap all over your body has the power to revitalize your skin and relieve the tension and pain in your muscles. The combination of natural sea buckthorn oil, calendula oil, and cannabis Sativa oil provide long-lasting hydration for your skin. The combination of these elements relieves the visible symptoms of dryness and more serious skin problems such as psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema. These oils also act as antioxidants, which help slow down the skin aging process and fight free radicals.

The reason you need to apply this last is so the mud wrap’s effects can continue working on your body even after you’ve rinsed it off with warm water. This way, you need only apply the Dead Sea mud wrap once a week for your skin to enjoy its benefits for days on end.

Products with Dead Sea minerals are a hit among skincare enthusiasts for a simple reason – these products work. If you want to experience their benefits for yourself, visit Kedma Cosmetics Philippines and browse through our collection of Dead Sea skincare products.

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